April 1, 2023
Biban 23 Forum, organized by Monshaat General Administration of Small and Medium Enterprises, announced the launch of more than 13 competitions and hackathons with prizes exceeding 10 million rials. In order to encourage new companies to highlight entrepreneurial projects and contribute to the development and creation of innovative solutions aimed at solving various problems, during the period from March 9 to 13, 2023 at the Riyadh Convention and Exhibition Center. The purpose of these events is to promote tech entrepreneurship, work to empower young men and women digitally, develop their ideas, spread a culture of creativity and innovation, and strive to establish the value of teamwork and team spirit. . Bring creative ideas and new technical innovations, systematize them and work on their implementation.

Prizes include: World Cup Entrepreneurship Award, Prince Abdul-Ila bin Abdulaziz Award for Entrepreneurship and Supporting Productive Families, She’s Next Award in collaboration with Visa, KPMG’s annual competition, launch of the Women in Tech competition, in addition to the announcement annual award “Innovation”.

The competitions also include: a real estate customer experience digitization challenge, launching a cybersecurity competition in partnership with the Saudi information technology company Site, a new technology company competition, a robot war, an Azuma competition, and a search for a robot in the virtual world in Intellect centers, programming field, quiz competition U for recruitment from Okul.

The hackathons include the creation of the robotics hackathon and the Intelligence Cyberthon hackathon, and the launches include the launch of Intelligence Plus, the launch of the Link app, the launch of the Sports Innovation Lab with Al Hilal Saudi Club, the launch of the PT Way Agreement, the launch of the Saudi Arabia Innovation Center, the launch of the UN competition, and the launch of the Innovation Week .

While participating teams of entrepreneurs and new project owners participate in many training workshops, lectures, brainstorming sessions and practical sessions led by speakers specialized in entrepreneurship and innovation through Biban 23, passing through the presentation of innovative competing projects in front of a jury, experts and business partners, and ending with the selection of winning projects according to certain criteria.

It is noteworthy that the Biban 23 forum, which starts on March 9 and will last 5 days, brings together more than 500 entrepreneurs, unites more than 120 providing and supporting entities. With the aim of improving communication and enriching young people with entrepreneurial ideas and ways to invest them in order to achieve one of the objectives of the 2030 CE Vision for the Kingdom by increasing the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to GDP up to 35%.

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