April 1, 2023

On the first day of the Biban 23 forum, organized in the capital Riyadh under the slogan “Opportunity Creates Leadership”, more than 25 agreements and MoUs were signed, and a number of innovative and financial initiatives were launched with a financial value exceeding 11 billion rials (2.9 billion dollars) To support entrepreneurship in various fields and strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a global center for entrepreneurship and a leading international destination for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The General Directorate of Small and Medium Enterprises Monshaat has signed cooperation agreements with the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, Arab National Bank, SABB Bank, Al-Inma Bank, Al-Bilad Bank, Al-Jabr Financial Company, Al-Amthal Finance. Company and Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Company. To provide programs and financial products for small and medium enterprises while renewing their agreements with Al-Rajhi Bank, Banque Saudi Fransi and Riyad Bank.
Monshaat also signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Energy to enable gas stations to expand their brands through the Commercial Franchise Center, and Monshaat entered into a cooperation agreement with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority to expand public spaces in a way that serves various sectors. related to entrepreneurship in Diriyah, including marketing opportunities, training and development, and collaboration in promoting the development of unique projects and innovations.
During the first day, the General Directorate of Small and Medium Enterprises signed a number of memorandums of understanding with a number of government agencies and major projects, including the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Tourism Development Fund, the Saudi Arabia Export Development Authority. and Red Sea International Company to empower and support entrepreneurs, institutions and start-ups.
In the field of technology and technology, Monshaat has signed an MOU with Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia Co., Ltd. to develop and support small and medium enterprises in the field of digital transformation, support their growth in e-commerce, and provide solutions for emerging companies that rely on on communication technologies.
Biban is one of the most important instruments for rapid development that the Kingdom has witnessed in the SME and Enterprise sectors and contributes to the creation of an enabling environment in partnership with all supporters and supporters from the public and private sectors.

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