March 25, 2023

Indonesian media reported that 127 people were killed and 180 injured during a riot at a football match in Indonesia.

Indonesian newspaper Detikjatim reported that a riot broke out at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, killing 127 Arima fans.

East Java police chief Niko Aventa confirmed that 127 people were killed, two of them police officers.

He added that 34 people died at the stadium, the rest died in the hospital during the rescue operation.

With the love of the Indonesian media, they caused havoc as fans rushed onto the pitch after his team lost to Persibai.

The police attempted to disperse the crowd of fans who were storming the stadium by using tear gas, and tear gas was used in the stands, causing the fans to panic and quickly go on a jog, aggravating the situation and increasing the number of deaths.

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