April 1, 2023

“Sweet al-Juf”, the most famous variety of dates in the Al-Juf region, exceeded demand on the sixth day of the Al-Juf Date Festival, and the demand for it increased significantly from buyers, especially for dates stocked from sweetness, which are distinguished by their quality and good taste.

Prices for “Sweet Al-Jouf” range from 20 to 30 riyals per kilogram, depending on quality, with the expectation of an increase in demand for this type of dates, especially as the holy month of Ramadan approaches.

The head of the municipality, Dumat al-Jandal, the executive president of the festival, engineer Samihan bin Muhammad al-Shammari, said that the municipality has formed committees for the supervision of the quality of sweetness, allowing the importation of quality sweet dates. , noting that the festival has become a point of attraction in the Al-Juf region and in the northern region of the Kingdom as a whole.

Installations 300-300

Al-Shammari confirmed the safety and quality of the exhibit at the Al-Jawf Date Festival, as the Prince Al-Jawf Award for “Best Stored Dates” depends on a number of conditions that contributed to it.

The award stipulates that the products must be from this season’s harvest and free from insects and fungal infections, and the dates must be uniform, full, clean, free of impurities and funnels, and free of additives such as molasses and others, and they are in plastic bags in packages that are easy for the consumer to see and remove.

The award also requires that the dates entered be Sweet Al-Jouf and not mixed with other varieties, and that the dates be ripe, free of moisture and acidity, and not carried over from other packages.

The Al Jouf area is famous for many agricultural products, the most famous of which are “Sweet Al Jouf” and “olives” and many other agricultural crops, and it covers almost a million palm trees.

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