February 1, 2023
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Mohamed Ait HusseinTuesday, January 17, 2023 – 02:10 am

The Royal Gendarmerie in Midelt succeeded on Monday in arresting a man who reported to the security services about the crime of theft, which he knew did not take place, in an attempt to avoid paying money he owed some people.

According to information provided by informed security sources, the 51-year-old detainee filed a complaint with the security authorities, claiming that he was robbed by 8 robbers who stole an amount of money estimated at about 80,000 dirhams and attacked him. and handcuffed him.

The same sources added that the Royal Gendarmerie, in agreement with the local authorities, launched an investigation into this disaster, and after deepening the search for the applicant, it was established that he had not been subjected to any theft, but only fabricated this play. evade the execution of money due to him in favor of other persons.

And after he admitted in an official report that the application he had submitted to the special services was a lie and deception, fearing pressure on him from people demanding their money from him, the detainee, a native of the Ait Ayash group, was subjected to theoretical security measures at the direction of the competent public prosecutor.

Royal Gendarmerie stole Midelt


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