June 2, 2023

Eight Moroccan figures have called for amendments to the inheritance system for foreigners in Morocco, allowing Jewish or Christian writers to inherit from their deceased Muslim parents or spouses so that non-Muslims do not have to convert to Islam to inherit.

A new book, Fundamental Freedoms: Proposals for Reform in Morocco, has been prepared by Asmaa El Murabit, Idris Benhima, Yasmina Badou, Jalil Ben Abbas El Taarji, Khadija El Amrani, Shafik Khraibi, Monique El Gerishi, Mohamed Ghuizi. In the context of the discussion of the amendment to the Family Code, it was argued that, with regard to the inheritance of non-Muslims from Muslim fathers or husbands, all “unreasonable” cases where Christian or Jewish wives do not have the right to inherit from their husbands or children, as well as children born from a non-Islamic religion. And those whose parents converted to Islam.

Supporters of the proposal believed that the current Moroccan code “even in the absence of reference to the Koran”, Islamic tradition (jurisprudence, not the Koran, which did not consider this point) excludes inheritance between believers of different religions. especially between Muslims and followers of other religions, even if they are related. Thus, inheritance is impossible and forbidden in both directions.

And they called for an amendment to include that writers of the Jewish or Christian religion inherit from their Muslim parents or spouses who have passed away, so that a non-Muslim does not have to convert to Islam in order to inherit.

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