June 2, 2023
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Moroccan and Arab travels are of interest to scholars from Morocco and the Arab region in research included in a new book published by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Ibn Zor University in Agadir.

In a collaborative book titled “Problems and Reflections on Journey,” agreed upon by researcher Al-Mahdi Al-Ghali, it is said that man sees light “and he tends to walk and move in space and time, traversing distances and exploring horizons.” ; Thus, “travel is necessary for gaining benefit and advantage, and it is a means of communication and civilized interaction between nations and peoples.”

And the new author continues: “The traveler often peers into the description of countries and countries, plunges into the depths of society and personality and tells us new horizons, useful anecdotes and marvelous situations that give pleasure and curiosity”, noting that “he is not bound by his homeland, and is content by what came to him from the news. its mineral and awakening everything precious from its potential,” as the traveler Al-Masudi said.

Yazid Al-Masudi: “Books of travel are a rich, bountiful and vibrant source of life. It is the result of observation and suffering, with which life experience becomes history, from which the historian, geographer, writer, anthropologist and others are excluded. That is why this collective book has become a contribution to “academic research in this rich and unique field of knowledge that needs reflection, further study and analysis.”

This work includes the contributions of scholars from Moroccan and Arab universities and institutions such as the researchers: Ibrahim Abdel-Kader Bushish, Abdel-Nabi Zaker, Al-Mahdi Eid Al-Rawadia, Muhammad Al-Khatami, Abdullah Yahya As-Sarihi, Al -Mahdi Al-Ghali, Kausar Abu Al-Eid, Al-Bashir Abarzak, Al-Mustafa Jamahri, Bushaib Al-Thawri, Khaled Al-Taish and Abdel-Bar Haddadi.

The study concerns rites of passage in the societies of the Islamic East and “how nomadic texts complement what historians have neglected.” awareness of the journey of “musky smell in the Turkish embassy”, the reasons for reaching the “Dictionary of Countries” al-Hamwi and its difficulties.

Among the topics presented in the collective book are the tragedy of Morisco through the book “Nasir al-Din about the unbelievers” by Ahmed bin Qasim Afukay al-Andalusi, travel as a historical source, cultural and communicative feature of Moroccan cataloging. a journey into the modern era, as well as “Mazagan” and Doukkala from the point of view of the journey of Adolphe Marcy, the problem of nomadic text and historical research, as well as the image of a woman in the journey of Hijazi Susiya.

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