June 2, 2023

Today, Monday, Tunisian actress and model Heba Abbuk broke her silence on the future of her relationship with the father of her two children, Moroccan international player Ashraf Hakimi, after a number of rumors arose in recent days about their breakup following a young woman. accused Hakimi of rape.

Abouk posted a statement in the Story section of her personal Instagram account confirming the rumors of a breakup with Ashraf Hakimi. However, she denied the connection of this parting with the accusation that the footballer faced in France, stressing that the decision to part was agreed between them “long before recent events.”

Abouk’s statement read: “Today, I consider it my duty to announce this statement to express my state of mind and clear up the misinformation that is spreading, even when silence may help with some sensitive topics or issues.”

She added: “I urgently need to explain my position so that I can resume my personal, social and professional life with the least damage and injury, protecting my two children above all,” calling them “my absolute priority.” ”

And the Tunisian model confirmed that “it has been some time since the father of my children and I decided to end our relationship, after much deliberation, long before the events in which the media involved me and during which I was completely indifferent. ”

Heba Abuk added, “After making the decision to legally separate and end living together pending divorce proceedings, who would have thought that in addition to facing the pain of separation and accepting the grief caused by the failure of a family project. to whom I have given myself body and soul, I will have to face this shame,” before she continued, “I needed time to process this shock,” as she put it.

Regarding the accusation of raping Hakimi, Abouk said: “It goes without saying that I have always been in my life and will remain on the side of the victims. Therefore, given the seriousness of the accusation, we can only hope for a smooth administration of justice.”

French prosecutors in the Nanterre district, west of Paris, charged Moroccan national team star Hakimi on March 3 after being questioned for raping a 24-year-old woman in her home. home at Boulogne-Billancourt on 25 February.

The plaintiff contacted the police station in Val-de-Marne to report the incident; But she did not file a complaint, noting that she met Hakimi in January on the Instagram app, and went to his house in a car that the player asked for a ride, claiming that he “raped” her before she contacted her. friend via text message to come and pick her up.

It should be noted that Ashraf Hakimi participated in the Atlas Lions friendly match against Brazil the day before yesterday, on Saturday, until the 51st minute of the match, despite an injury that prompted Paris Saint-Germain to let him rest for a while.

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