June 8, 2023

The National Center for Land Cover Development and Desertification Control, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Agriculture, announced seasonal investment opportunities in national parks in all regions of the Kingdom for investors from the public and private sectors.


Investment opportunities include: camping, tours, sports and family activities, hospitality, events and festivals.

The Center called on individuals, institutions and government bodies wishing to invest to apply electronically, attaching the required details, including: the name of the investor, project idea, contact information, type of activity, in addition to the chosen region.


The Center indicated that requests for seasonal investment will be received in a number of national parks in the Mecca Al Mukarrama, Al Madinah Al Munawara, Riyadh and Al Qassim regions in response to the growing seasonal demand for parks and camps. .

He showed the importance of the role of the private sector in creating these projects. Since these are successful projects, he encouraged investors to submit new and creative ideas that help promote seasonal activities and support ecotourism in different regions.

The Vegetation Center offers long-term investment opportunities in addition to seasonal opportunities to develop vegetation cover, support various afforestation works and projects, conserve natural resources, improve the quality of life in all regions, and promote the development of the national economy and provide citizens with new jobs to achieve “Visions of Saudi Arabia 2030”.

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