March 28, 2023

Prime Minister Aziz Ahannouch said Wednesday that the feminization of leadership positions has increased from 16 percent in 2018 to 19 percent in 2022, bringing the number of women in leadership positions to 619 in 2023.

Ahannouch emphasized in his opening remarks at the government council meeting, which coincides with the celebration of International Women’s Rights Day, that the government attaches great importance to the appointment of women to leadership positions.

In the same context, he stressed that Moroccan women are on a worthy path towards equality after the Kingdom has made important progress towards strengthening equality, advancing the rights of Moroccan women and expanding their economic opportunities.

Ahannouch also expressed his pride in the fact that six women ministers in this government are responsible for strategic portfolios, “reflecting the real political will of this majority to allow women to participate effectively and sincerely.”

In this context, he stressed that the government continues to work to support the fundamental rights of women in institutions and empower them politically, socially and economically, stressing that the government has established for the first time the National Committee on Gender Equality and the Status of Women. Empowerment, which will hold its first meeting next week to examine the government’s plan for equality for 2023-2026 and review procedures and measures related to the Moroccan Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Program.

Ahannouch explained that with this plan, the government aims to take a comprehensive approach to women’s empowerment and equality through various government policies, especially those that focus on employment, as this is one of the government’s most important commitments.

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