June 4, 2023

The MP called on the Minister of Health and Social Protection to intervene and disclose the measures that the Ministry will take in relation to sanatoriums that require insured persons or persons with their rights, a cash guarantee or by check or any other means of payment.

In a written question he sent to the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Mohamed Admosa, a parliamentarian for the Independent Unity and Equality Group in the House of Representatives, called for an end to the phenomenon of security checks in private clinics.

Edmoussi, MP for the House region, explained that despite all the efforts being made by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population to eliminate the phenomenon of guarantee checks in private clinics from a legal point of view, which does not allow the polyclinic to contact insured persons or those who have there is a right to a money guarantee or a check or any other means. However, from means of payment, with the exception of the amount remaining on their shoulders, in accordance with article 75 of Law No. 131.13, concerning the exercise of the medical profession. many private medical institutions still require patients and their families to present a check as a guarantee.

The written question indicates that a number of resorts have refused to collect fees through bank cards, and most of them state that the card payment service is not available for a number of reasons.

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