March 28, 2023
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Hespress from RabatTuesday, October 4, 2022 – 9:30 pm

Sources told Hespress that the judicial police of the Royal Gendarmerie heard more than 8 people on Monday evening; Among them is the son of the leader of the Popular Movement Party, who was one of the candidates in the last incomplete elections on charges of bribery and forgery.

While rivals of the Kharki leader confirm that the investigation took place after a complaint filed against him by the Progress and Socialism candidate and accepted by the Independence and Al-Bam candidates, stressing that his son was trying to seize power. ballot box and fill it with papers, a source close to candidate Harki said that “his opponent recruited a group of people who fabricated a video recording with the aim of undermining it and preparing a presumption for appeal to the Constitutional Court.”

The same source added, “Neither the kinetic leader nor his son is affected, and those who will appear before prosecutors are the people who appeared on the video, in addition to other people who participated in the story,” as he put it.

And as the Popular Movement candidate’s car was parked last night in front of the gendarmerie headquarters, a source close to him said: “The kinetic leader went to the gendarmerie to warn the authorities that he is being subjected to a process of forgery and fabrication,” his post reads.

For their part, a source who was present at the voting stage confirmed that the gendarmerie listened to the son of the activist leader and other young people who were in the voting room.

The same spokesman explained to Hespress: “The man who received a bribe in exchange for replenishing the fund in favor of the SPLM, in the end did not satisfy the demands of the son of the leader of the movement; What prompted the latter, with the help of other people, to force him into the car, and they bribed the head of the office, after which they proceeded to fill the box.

The above-mentioned persons, in addition to the son of the leader of the movement, will be presented tomorrow morning, Monday, before the state prosecution in the court of first instance of the Driush region.

Fraud in the elections of the Royal Gendarmerie

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