June 8, 2023

Interior Minister Abdeluafi Laftit said on Monday that advanced regionalization is “an irreversible option” for Morocco, stressing that the state “will continue this forever.”

Luftit, speaking at the session with oral questions in the House of Representatives, stressed that the advanced regionalization project “is not a goal” in itself, but rather “a renewable path in accordance with priorities.”

The Minister of the Interior called for integration between stakeholders with the aim of “success of advanced regionalization”, stressing that the country “will achieve this regionalization when the authorities exercise their own and joint powers smoothly and without problems.” adding that this goal “we must achieve as soon as possible.”

Luftith concluded that in this project, it is hoped that the budget will come from the regions to the center, and “it is not the way it is at present” when the budget of the regions is distributed from the center. .

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