February 1, 2023

Economy and Finance Minister Nadia Fattah Al-Alawi said on Monday that the government has provided 40,000 loans worth AED 8.6 billion under the Intilaaqah program, which has contributed to the creation of 110,000 indirect jobs. opportunities.

The Minister of Economy and Finance added in her response to the question about “accompanying and financing of project holders under the Intilaaqah program” presented by the Parliamentary Group for Justice and Development during the session of oral questions in the House of Representatives that this is a dynamic driven by the program that was launched in February 2020 at the behest of King Mohammed VI, which shows the desire of young people to create their own business.

The minister stressed that the reason why a third of young people cannot access the program is probably due to the lack of additional support for the implementation of their projects or their candidacy files that need to be reviewed.

In this context, the government official noted that the government has entered into a partnership agreement between Tamweelcom and regional investment hubs to help contractors who have failed to take their case and ensure they keep up with those who have received support. for their project to be successful.

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