March 25, 2023

Insurance and risk adviser Suleiman bin Mayouf said vehicle insurance coverage against floods and natural disasters is mandatory in “comprehensive insurance only” documents.


And the insurance consultant answered my question (Will insurance prices rise for those who received compensation after flood and disaster compensation) by saying: “No, it is not specified or stipulated that there will be a price increase, because the price increase process has a single criterion, but there are underwriting criteria, including previous claims, portfolio, general situation and vehicle condition, which must be considered before making any decision.”

Jeddah Municipality spokesman Muhammad al-Bogami told how those affected by the rains and downpours in Jeddah will act.


Al-Bakami said during his appearance on the Ya Hala program that the same mechanism as in 2009 will apply to those affected by the rains and heavy rains in Jeddah.

The representative of Jeddah Municipality added that the damage and losses will be calculated, then regular measures will be taken and compensation will be paid to the victims through the Disaster Center, represented by all government agencies.

Torrential rains today in Jeddah Governorate flooded a number of main streets and roads in the governorate, causing damage to a huge number of vehicles.

“Two deaths have been recorded so far, and we urge everyone not to go out unnecessarily,” said Colonel Muhammad al-Qarni, a civil defense spokesman for the Makkah area.

For its part, the National Center for Meteorology announced that today it recorded the most rainfall in the province of Jeddah, from 8:00 to 14:00, in the south of the province, at a rate of 179 millimeters, and explained in a published report: that the amount of rain that fell today in Jeddah exceeds the amount of rain recorded in 2009, i.e. 13 years ago.


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