April 1, 2023

Mohamed Shaouki, MP and leader of the National Rally of the Independents, said Shell Hydrocarbons is importing Russian gas to Morocco. He said during a symposium of the Tatwani Fakih Foundation tonight that it is likely that the parent company imports in favor of its subsidiary in Morocco and then sells the consignment at sea to the other party depending on the price. He said that such transactions take place at sea, and Shavki denied the low prices for Russian gas, pointing out that prices are close to international ones. For his part, Hassan Haddad, an MP from the Istiklal party, said that Russian oil is not banned from imports, but only limited to a price ceiling, since the price was set at $60 per barrel, indicating that imports are free and require space within the law. It comes at a time when a member of the Socialist Group in the House of Representatives asked the finance minister about Moroccan companies that import Russian gas at a low price and sell it to Morocco after changing origins.

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