June 2, 2023

Member of the National Association of Independents in the House of Representatives, Marwan Shabato, called on the government to review the content of the law governing Taburid regional matches in order to ensure that all regions of the Kingdom participate in national demonstrations.
A member of the assembly complained in a written question addressed to Agriculture Minister Mohamed Siddiqi about a law passed by the Royal Persian Promotion Company which, on an exceptional basis, allowed teams from outside the Draa-Tafilalet region to participate in regional eliminations in 2020. organized at the beginning of March this year with a designated steam locomotive located next to the national road No. 13 in the direction of the city of Al Rish (site of the National Apple Fair in Midelta).

Four teams participated in this demonstration: two squadrons from the province of Midelt, one squadron from Settat and one squadron from Temara.

The same spokesman stated that this law greatly harmed the knights of the Draa Tafilalet region, and many of them missed the opportunity to take part in the events of the Persian Exhibition in El Jadida, as well as the competitions of the Persian Week in Dar es Salaam in the city of Rabat.

The parliamentarian called for the need to revise this exceptional law, which “does not guarantee equality in competition and fair participation for all regions of the kingdom and thus excludes certain entities with their heritage, traditions and traditional dress from participating in national competitions and exhibitions.” “.

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