March 28, 2023
Image: Hespress

Hespress from RabatThursday, March 2, 2023 – 10:31 pm

The regional security service of the city of Al Hoceima, in cooperation with the local blood transfusion center, will organize, from Wednesday to Friday, March 1 and 3, a blood donation process for men and women employees of the National Security in the city of Al Hoceima and areas under its sphere influence, under the slogan “Thank you for saving my life, Donate blood, donate life.”

This process involves a number of male and female employees working in military uniform or in civilian clothes, as part of the implementation of the strategy of the General Directorate of National Security to actively and seriously participate in the national blood donation campaign, which aims to increase the supply of this a vital substance needed to save patients.

This humanitarian initiative is about strengthening a culture of volunteer work, consolidating the values ​​of solidarity and synergy, and dedicating humanitarian and social security initiatives that are values ​​as important as the national duty to maintain security. and security of citizens.

Al-Hoseima National Security Service donates blood

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