February 1, 2023
Photo: Hespress

Ibrahim al-Hafizun of SettatFriday, January 13, 2023 – 11:06 PM

Moroccans celebrate the new Berber agricultural year, which falls on January 13 of each calendar year, in different ways depending on the regions of Morocco. There are townspeople hosting an art feast, and others inviting their relatives to a collective family feast for a family get-together to rekindle kinship, as well as eating specialties such as Al-Rafisa and Tree with eggs and local chicken. , while the other group prefers to cook couscous or porridge.

On the evening of Friday, January 13, which coincides with the Amazigh agricultural year 2973, Hespress visited the well-known statian outlets located near the popular markets; Such as Shatiba, Bam and Mabrouka.

During this tour, we noticed a great demand for local chicken and eggs, as well as turkeys. At the same time, domestic rabbits rank third in demand among buyers for preparing various dishes, the first of which are Al-Rafisa, Trid and Couscous, for the celebration of the Amazigh New Year.

Ahmad “B”, who is in his fifties, sells homemade chicken on occasions such as “January Metabolism”. Hespress met him in the square near the popular Mabrouk market.

A man from the outskirts of the city of Settat said in a speech on the occasion that this celebration is known in his region as “Al-Khawadi for celebrating the New Year” and he inherited it from his ancestors a long time ago. and eggs” and rarely contain hare “cannula”.

In terms of prices, the same seller stated that the offer was available from yesterday, recording high demand this Friday evening, explaining that a good product has its own price, which can increase and decrease according to the agreement of the two parties.

The spokesman added in a statement to Hespress that the price of a chicken ranges from AED 80 to AED 150, while the price of an Indian “baby” rooster is AED 350. But “hosa be kind” means in good health.

Settat celebration in January

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