February 1, 2023

The Popular Movement Party said it was following a number of developments and developments on the national stage, chief among them the controversy surrounding the results and consequences of competition for access to the legal profession, adding that it preferred to wait before registering a position on this complex file. to collect all the data and to clarify the point of view and the position of the government. And the formed parties have the fulfillment of this in the Moroccan institutions.

And after the Sunbula Party referred to the “suspicious silence of the government” in the communiqué, it confirmed that it was following this matter, which has become a matter of public opinion, with great concern, and condemned the government’s incomprehensible and unjustified silence, calling on it to come out with a clear position and open an impartial investigation. And transparent education of public opinion.

The same report stated: “The government’s deafness to its ears and the choice of a policy of flight forward to this wide public and media discussion about the results and atmosphere of the competition for the right to practice law basically works only to recommend everything that raises suspicions about the match and also fuels the unprecedented celebration that this match has generated.” rights and the acceptance of favoritism in legal competition, which is the mother of rights.

The party was surprised by the government’s “strange silence and disregard for this matter, which has taken a dangerous turn”, urging him to “reconsider his communication policy, move away from his constant silence and structural confusion and abandon his sectorial approach”. to strategic and sensitive social issues, the fleeting numerical intimidation of which cannot cope with its consequences, except for the prudent ones. He also urged her to “initiate an impartial and independent investigation into this catastrophe to find out the reasons behind this match and its results, making an effort to leave segments of society the victim of conflicting reports and mixing facts with rumors.”

He called for “the immunization of the legal profession and the protection of its sanctity and noble intentions”, once again urging the government to “reconsider its misguided approach to managing major reforms by upholding the language of dialogue and adopting a participatory approach”.

In this context, the People’s Movement Party declared its “permanent respect for the legal profession and its unwavering desire to protect it from all forms of political pressure”, while repeating “a call to the government, from a position of its direct responsibility for the management of public affairs, to stop it a unilateral approach to major reforms in a number of cases and issues is the prerogative of the whole society, especially those related to justice and the rights of its various generations and types, since the fleeting results of the elections are not intended to confiscate the rights of male and female citizens, and also are not justification for Morocco’s empowerment at the expense of Morocco’s equal opportunity.

On the other hand, the party expressed its condemnation of the French comedian’s racist statements against the Moroccan player Ashraf Hakimi, noting that it is “following the consequences of the shameful racist statement made by the French comedian on the French radio RMC against the Moroccan international player Ashraf Hakimi, one of the world champions in Qatar “. He also expressed “strong condemnation of this irresponsible statement and the silence of the aforementioned French radio about this dangerous professional descent”, calling on the French authorities “to intervene to take the necessary measures in the face of this heinous racist behavior and to organize appropriate punishments for this egregious violation of journalistic ethics and charters of rights”. human as they are known internationally.”

Less than a week after the Amazigh New Year 2973, the Sunbula party sent its warmest congratulations and best wishes to King Mohammed VI and all Moroccans and expressed its hope that the government would fulfill one of its promises and promises. affirming the inauguration of the Amazigh year as a national holiday and paid official holiday, which is a procedure, equally symbolic and honest expression of genuine political will, to activate the provisions of the constitution and the legal link associated with the activation of the official character of the Amazigh language as an essential and authentic component of national identity in its diverse unity, it is also a procedure and a decision requiring only a minor amendment to the decree governing official holidays, which has since undergone several amendments. Its release, party adds.


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