March 28, 2023

The Popular Movement Party said it was “proud to hear that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has awarded King Mohammed VI with the Award of Excellence, which was presented to him in the Rwandan capital of Kigali”.

After this African achievement, which the Popular Movement Party called a great achievement for our country, the party, on behalf of all activists and activists, warmly congratulated King Mohammed VI on this African coronation, which is a strong expression and positive recognition of the king’s continuous efforts to protect the strategic interests and unity of the African continent and to promote its development in various economic, social, cultural and environmental fields, with a strategic vision to strengthen Africa’s position as a key partner in the new world.

In a statement, the party expressed great pride in the candidacy of our country, together with neighboring Spain and Portugal, to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup, which is the fruit of the efforts of the king, and appreciation for the global position that national football has become thanks to the great efforts of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and all its constituents, the Moroccan national team and sports fans.

In this context, the party believes that “this candidacy is also a strengthening of geostrategic relations based on strong and enduring friendship, as well as the values ​​of cooperation, good neighborliness and a common horizon that unite the Kingdom of Morocco with the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic.”

Al Sunbula believes that “this quality African initiative for the king is also a clear sign of the prestige and recognition enjoyed by the Kingdom of Morocco, which has always prided itself on its African depth in various continental and international forums.” The party also believes that “this award of appreciation and value is a well-deserved culmination of the national sport, and for being known under the wise royal leadership of structural and structural development, which has allowed it to take a leading position in various competitions and at the forefront of achieved and unprecedented results at the regional, regional and continental level at the World Cup hosted by the State of Qatar.”

“Because sport is more than just a game, it has many meanings and dimensions,” says the statement signed by the General Secretary of the Popular Movement Party, Muhammad Ozin. Opponents of our country and haters of its outstanding development model, and this is also a clear answer to all to those who unsuccessfully attempt to obfuscate our country’s strategic choices and its legitimate rights to strengthen its firm and unwavering unity and diversify its partnerships with a consistent and cohesive national front standing behind the king of the country and a symbol of its sovereignty and established exaltation among nations.

And the People’s Movement Party, with its “firm conviction that the interests of the nation are above all, and with its sincere patriotic upbringing, stated that this new success in the field of sports diplomacy, which is part of a series of successive diplomatic successes on various fronts, on the other hand, is the reason for the crystallization of the new national sports strategy, which strengthens the acquisition and development of infrastructure.

The message spoke of “promoting a sports culture among the Moroccan masses, which we are proud of, in order to reduce some of the unrest and imbalances that offend the nobility of the sports message and which our country’s opponents use in malicious and desperate propaganda campaigns. to confuse our country and its institutions, which are despicable and slavish campaigns, the source and purpose of which are known No honest patriot should allow her to invest in all internal affairs or disputes that we, as Moroccans, have every opportunity to decide under the roof of national institutions.

In this regard, the party reaffirmed “the call to various sections of society to consolidate the system of joint action in order to develop our country and achieve its well-deserved stakes, as well as its legitimate desire to rank first in all sports as well as other advantages in various fields on the continental and international levels, as well as to strengthen the leadership positions of our country.” A great ruler with a glorious history and a secure and hopeful future under the wise and rational leadership of King Mohammed VI.

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