June 4, 2023

Mouhannad al-Anker, general secretary of the Popular Movement Party, said: “Morocco is living in delicate and difficult conditions after we and the world around us have suffered for nearly three years the effects of an unprecedented pandemic on modern health care. generations, a pandemic that had economic and social repercussions”, as well as a psychology that changed the way of life and made us look for new and innovative alternatives in order to survive and save the economic structure from total collapse.”

Element added in his speech at the Fourteenth Congress of the People’s Movement Party tonight, Friday, that “as far as our country is concerned, it was able to withstand the effects of Covid-19 thanks to the active vision of King Mohammed VI, who worked to revive the values ​​of solidarity and synergy, which Moroccan society has been based throughout history.” He was the first to provide his people with a vaccine free of charge, which strengthened the immunity of citizens and citizens and protected them from the dangers of complications of infection with an epidemic.

The spokesman pointed out that “the king has been at the center of the country’s great interests and concerns since the pandemic, and as per the royal directives, the success of the economic take-off scheme, investment promotion and incentive free initiative has been achieved by lagging behind small and medium-sized enterprises in order to provide jobs for unemployed youth.” , as well as strengthening the concept of a caring social state”. a life of dignity because of the belief that the lessons of the Crown will be an opportunity to develop alternatives and solutions.

“Our country has also striven, despite the restrictions of the pandemic, to respect the dates of the election dues, which took place in exceptional circumstances and formed the current political map, with what it has and what it has. We hoped, and the demands were not met, that the tsarist directives would be implemented locally, but today we are faced with the fact that the train of election promises has not yet left its place of departure, and moreover, its strange and unjustified stop caused a deterioration in the economic and social situation most social strata. Due to the rising tide of rising prices and rising prices for basic commodities, in addition to the drought crisis, water shortages and other manifestations of climate change,” the element added.

And the General Secretary of the Sunbula Party continued: “We do not need additional diagnostics of reality, because it is clear and visible, as we need bold initiatives and solutions that can overcome the problems of this reality, which is characterized by declining development indicators in the fields of education, health and employment. “.

In this section, the same politician states: “We in the popular movement are determined, from any position, to contribute to any national effort to overcome the causes of the crisis. The fifties of the last century, raising the slogan of freedom and loyalty to the values ​​​​of Tamgrabit, rejecting all winds, whether eastern or western.

Regarding the question of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, this element states that it “recorded successive diplomatic victories, embodied, in particular, in the recognition by the United States of America of the sovereignty of Morocco over all its southern territories and the opening of many countries of the consulate in the cities of El Aaiun and Dakhla, as well as others, withdrew their recognition of an imaginary entity.”

The element stated that “the last four years have witnessed the honorable participation of our party in the management of public affairs, since the results of the activities of our ministers have been very positive in the fields of national education, training and scientific research, preparation of national territories, construction, housing, urban policy, culture and communication, rural development, water and forests. The results of this contribution are still visible, and only the ungrateful can deny them.

And the element fixed: “Today we are faced with a new world order, which is being formed according to new rules, in which there is no place and place for isolationism and staying on the sidelines outside the context of change.

The technological boom in communications opened the eyes of youth to the world, so the determinants of belonging collapsed and we stood before the citizens of the universe, united by the same aspirations and hopes to share the wealth of the earth and provide a decent life for all people, regardless of geography, language, skin color and race.

He added: “As a popular movement, these changes require us to renew our discourse and ensure that it meets the demands and needs of new Moroccan generations. Yes, history has its value, but that’s not all. It is absolutely impossible to build your entire present and foresee your entire future on the past alone.

The speaker called for “courage, audacity and the recognition that some of our methods of politics and polarization have become outdated and unattractive. Morocco today is not Morocco yesterday, and Morocco tomorrow will be different, and we want it to be brilliant and prosperous.”

The member concluded, “Members urgently need to prioritize and move on to absurd questions and excessive rhetoric. Today’s youth and citizens want ready-made and practical solutions to all problems and dilemmas, they want to see tangible achievements, they want billions of dollars of investments advertised in the media to be reflected in their daily lives.


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