March 25, 2023

Osama at-Tarifi – harmony

Al-Taei club beat the Persian Gulf team in the Saudi League competition Roshan, “sixth round”, and Al-Taei scored a “hat-trick”, which began in the 18th minute of the match, scoring the first goal from the penalty spot. With a blow, he struck the bay to the left of the goalkeeper’s goal, following the results of the first half, the result was 1:0.

In the second half of the 53rd minute, Musona scored the second goal against the Gulf, and in the 60th minute, Musona scored the third goal, announcing the end of the score in the match, and the Al-Thai club received three points. , making the provisional arrangement of the Al-Thai club fourth in the sixth round.

The match was attended by a large number of fans – 7,556 people.

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