June 4, 2023

The controversy over the delayed compensation of women and men in education related to professional promotions for Fuji 2020/2021 has returned to the forefront of political and trade union debate after the National Coordination of Professors “Promotion Freeze Victims” announced that will call a warning strike for two days starting Tuesday to protest what it called “a continuation of the policy of freezing promotional rights for women and men in education.”

In this regard, the Panel on Authenticity and Modernity in the House of Representatives the day before yesterday, on Monday, asked the Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports about the delay in paying compensation for the promotion of women and men from education, who were able to change the assessment by drawing the 2020 sessions /2021.

‘Bam’ MP said that educated women and men are promised that their compensation date will approach, but they are facing great disappointment in light of their constant suffering due to their low wages and their low purchasing power due to high prices under fear measures to enable this group to receive their contributions.

It is worth noting that the promotion of the regiment 2020/2021. are still frozen, and during the last meeting of the Ministry of Justice with the unions, a formula for their payment was proposed, including the payment of compensation for the 2020 regiment during the current month of December, and compensation for the regiment 2021 will be paid during March next year, but until such time as a union source confirms that compensation for professional advancement will not be affected.

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