March 25, 2023

Algeria continues to impose economic restrictions on Spain due to Madrid’s support for autonomy proposed by Morocco as a final solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue.

According to the latest statistics from the Spanish Ministry of Commerce, Madrid’s daily losses are over 4 million euros.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the losses affected many sectors, including the food industry and the production of livestock meat, which make up a significant part of the turnover of Spanish companies in the Algerian market.

The newspaper adds that, with the exception of gas supplies linked to long-term contracts, Algeria stopped all economic exchanges with Spain, whose goods were exported to Algeria worth 3 billion euros, before the acute crisis between the two countries.

The report of the Spanish Ministry of Commerce for June and July estimated sales losses at 4,400,000 euros per day.

After Spain’s declaration of support for autonomy, Algeria seeks to impose economic restrictions on it; Madrid accused Algeria of “violating its obligations” contained in the Association Agreement concluded with the European Union in 2002, which relate to the movement of trade with member countries of the Union.

More recently, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez avoided mentioning his support during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly; Which aroused the interest of Algeria, as it considered it a sign of a change in the Spanish position in relation to the Moroccan Sahara.

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