June 2, 2023

The Belgian anti-corruption judge in charge of the Cathargate case on Thursday canceled surveillance of an electronic bracelet that Greek European representative Eva Kaili was subjected to in Brussels, according to a spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

Kylie was arrested in December in the Belgian capital during a raid and released in mid-April but placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet tracking system.

Press secretary Eric Van Dyes said the actions were “no longer needed for the rest of the investigation” and she is now free under court supervision.

This month, two other MEP corruption suspects took advantage of the lifting of house arrest: Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella, who, like Kylie, pleaded not guilty, and Francesco Georgi, the Greek MEP’s partner and former parliamentary aide Peter Antonio Pantsiri.

The latter is a former member of the European Parliament (2004-2019) and a central figure in the case, and is still subject to the electronic bracelet system, one of the methods of pre-trial detention in Belgium.

In this case of alleged corruption in favor of Qatar and Morocco, at least six suspects were charged with participation in a criminal organization and money laundering.

The scandal erupted in December when Belgian investigators seized 1.5 million euros in small denominations in bags or luggage during raids in Brussels, specifically at the homes of Caylee and Pantsiri.

Michel Cleese, the investigating judge in charge of the case, is suspected of paying sums of money in exchange for decisions or political positions in favor of Qatar and Morocco in the European Parliament, which Doha and Rabat have vehemently denied.

44-year-old Eva Kylie was one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament before the scandal. Catarabella belonged to the bloc of socialists and democrats, from which she was excluded.

She did not specify the details of her judicial control.

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