June 2, 2023

Amnesty International has called on the Algerian authorities to release all unjustly detained journalists and drop all political charges against six of them.

He also called for the release of journalist Ihsan El Kadi, who was sentenced on April 2 by a court in Algiers to five years in prison with two years of probation on charges of receiving “foreign funding for his company.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, she criticized the Algerian authorities for taking strict measures to crack down on dissent.

It also recorded that over the past two years, the Algerian authorities have prosecuted, arrested and detained at least 11 journalists and other media workers, and condemned the closure of many independent media outlets.

Notably, Ihsane Qadi, director of the Algerian station Radio M and the news site Maghreb Emergon, was taken into custody pending trial on 29 December after four days in detention.

Ihsan al-Qadi is the director of the local radio station Radio M and the news site Morocco Emergent. He was arrested by security forces on December 29 as part of an investigation into “illegal fundraising”.

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