April 1, 2023
Image: Hespress

Hespress from RabatFriday, January 27, 2023 – 03:08 PM

Security services in Marrakesh arrested an Irish tourist Friday morning, who was dressed in an orange uniform similar to that of some Western prisons, with his hands and feet bound with an iron chain, in a scene unfamiliar to the color red. town.

According to informed sources, an Irish tourist was detained at the entrance to the “Bab Iftouh”, located at the level of the old city in Marrakech, after this scene, the townspeople were surprised, who informed the tourist police, who immediately intervened.

The case involves a well-known Irish YouTuber who is known for posting graphic films of his adventures on his personal Dara Tah channel on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. had previously been suspended in Germany after appearing in the same prison uniform.

According to this Irish YouTuber, he already posted an announcement last September to his millions of subscribers that he intended to broadcast graphic films in the future documenting a simulated operation to escape arrest in ten countries. peace.

Several sources have speculated that “an obsession with increasing views and likes is the reason for posting such videos, as well as documenting personal photos in prison uniforms.”

Informed sources confirmed that the interests of the police entered the line of this case, as the Irish tourist was taken to the security department near the place of his detention to clarify the circumstances and background of this incident.

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