December 1, 2022

Stories from the Moroccan outskirts, anthologies organized as a collective work, in which fictional works are selected that touch on excluded, forgotten spaces and create centers that rebel against the center.

This anthology, entitled Anthology of Moroccan Marginal Stories, was published by the Short Story Club in Morocco and contains 28 short stories to bring them closer to the Moroccan and Arabic-speaking readers from various categories.

Speaking of this “from idea to achievement” ontology, Hisham Hirak, president of the Story Club in Morocco, wrote: “If it were not for the harsh conditions in which the inhabitants of the remote and remote villages and cities of Morocco grew up, we would not have bright minds at the center who know how to conduct our common public affairs.

And Hirak continues with a disapproving question about the relationship of “edge to center” and the relationship of “center to edge”: “Do you see that the sea is what flows into the river, or do you see the river flowing into the sea in order to create a sea out of it? ?”; He then emphatically expands on the answer to the half-hearted question: “The river is that which flows into the sea to make the sea out of it, just as it is the fictitious outskirts which flows into the fictitious center to make the center out of it.” it’s first and foremost.”

The President of the Story Club in Morocco summed up the presentation: The purpose of the Anthology is “to highlight my stories (…) by collecting as many texts as possible with technical components related to writing a story. ”

This work includes Anger by Ahmed Al-Shateibi, My Eyes are Not Tawani by Khaled Naji, Birth by Latifa Al-Omrani, The Guardian by Sami Dakkaki, Strangers by Idris Al-Jarmati, Demons by Hassan Melwani, “Cockroaches” by Karum Muhammad, “In the Bar” by Abdul Latif Sahri and “Sheep” by Al-Taher Kanizi.

This work also contains the stories “Hai Yazk” by Milud Benbaki, “Al-Bukhali” by Khadija Karkub, “White” by Zuhair Al-Kharraz, “Dan Al-Sir” by Muhammad Al-Zaki, “And Those Days We Turn Around” by Hassan al-Khatibi, “Woman from the Remnants of a Dream” by Driss Moulay Abd ar-Rahman, “The Last Knights” by Abd ar-Rahim Bakhash, “The Casket” by Amjad Majdub Rashid, “Narcissism” by Muhammad Ouaniba and “(Sweet) in the Time of Fog” by Rashid al -Faraji.

Among the stories included in the collection: “Public drunkenness !!!” Hisham Hiraq, “Ayashi Performs a Break in the Air” by Abd al-Salam Ibn al-Qaeed, “Rough Hand” by Hijawi Abd al-Wahed, “The Calf” by his writer Al-Arabi al-Rodali, “Lost Time” by Abd ar-Rahman Mashat, “License” by at-Talbi Idris, “Carolina” by Ahmed Musaed, “Divination” by Samira El-Wardaga and “Dance of Feathers” by Suad Mili.

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