March 25, 2023

Nador district gendarmerie interests recently arrested a 70-year-old man after it was found that he secretly married Al-Fatih with a 16-year-old girl.

According to sources, the person concerned is married with 6 children, the eldest of whom is over fifty, fell in love with a girl who was barely 16 years old in order to go to the house of her poor parents and propose to her, to which the family of the “victim” agreed, although the girl is still a minor and the plaintiff is married and does not have a plurality of judge’s permission.

In order to avoid legal obstacles, both parties agreed that the marriage would take place only with Al-Fatiha and without notarization and notification of the court, however, the Sheikh’s first wife found out after some time to immediately notify the royal gendarmerie, who intervened to arrest the man inside his second at home.

The accused is still under investigation by the Royal Gendarmerie before bringing the case to the attention of the competent prosecutor’s office.

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