March 25, 2023

Last Sunday, the judicial gendarmerie in Maidar arrested the son of the MP from the popular movement, Muhammad al-Fadli, who recently announced his victory in the incomplete elections in the Driesh district on 29 September. According to sources, the son of a parliamentarian, along with a group of people, participated in the attack on a polling station in the Umhajer group, and it is said that he was part of a group of three people who were arrested with him by casting votes in a ballot box for his father, who will be the subject of an investigation. The incident took place at the polling booth No. 8 in the 13th constituency in the commune of Amhajer in the district of Driush. The members of the group were sent to prison, and the son of Al-Fadli, an MP, was released. Al-Youm 24 has learned that the incident will serve as the basis for an appeal by candidates from the Authenticity, Modernity and Independence Party against the election results.

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