March 28, 2023

The Federation of Young Lawyers’ Associations of Morocco decided to picket in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and organize other forms of protest against the announcement of entrance examinations for the legal profession without the participation of professional institutions, in addition to condemning the introduction of a bill prepared by the Ministry.

On Tuesday, the association’s federal office announced a week-long postponement of the vigil to avoid confusion about its messages and goals, due to its scheduled date of early October 14, with the opening of parliament’s fall session.

On the other hand, the Federal Office announced a new date for the protest in Rabat, October 21, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, stressing that this position will be the beginning of an escalation of the program of struggle against overthrowing what it called the “drink of shame.”

The Federation of Young Lawyers Associations in Morocco condemned the decision of the Ministry of Justice to announce entrance examinations for the legal profession without the participation of professional institutions in the absence of a healthy environment worthy of accepting new groups, which would have a positive impact on the best practice of the legal mission, as well as achieving the necessary conditions for their integration and defense mission practices.

The communication emphasized that the national framework for lawyers has never and never will prevent the access of male and female students to the legal profession, regardless of their number, whenever objective conditions for a decent and fair professional practice are met, emphasizing that the state aims to provide jobs that guarantee a decent life and justice for all Moroccan citizens, away from marketing misconceptions. For male and female students, seeking to absorb unemployment through the bar exam, despite the failure of the state to provide minimum conditions for competent professional practice.

The association’s previous communiqué denounced the method of presenting the draft law prepared by the Ministry of Justice, and with it the report on various issues related to the professional practice of law, in a hybrid form, which is a blatant blow to the logic of transparency and partnership, which should characterize the course of the bar. rights.

In their message, the lawyers refused, i.e. “negotiations or settlements of professional cases take place behind the scenes and behind closed doors, away from the transparent oversight of all protected areas and lawyers”, calling on “all interested parties to submit draft laws for the bar, civil procedure and criminal procedure for public and transparent discussion, in line with a truly participatory approach. With institutions and professional structures for lawyers, away from dictate formulas and deadlines for hastily prepared notes, and formal meetings to take group photos and exchange compliments.”

The message considered that the struggle to cleanse the justice system with all its components from all manifestations of corruption, or a struggle around which all worthy people should rally and intensify their efforts in order to fight until a failure is achieved that guarantees conditions for reliable professional practice and real independence of the judiciary power, which is surprising from the same source, the preservation of corrupt files that were previously. It was announced that an investigation had been launched against him, without results, indicating responsibility and its legal consequences.

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