March 25, 2023

By a wide margin, “Rashid Bogtaya”, the head of the village group Mul Al-Bargi (36 km north), won a seat in parliament on the Jarrar list in the partial elections that were held in Safi on 29 September 2022.
“Authenticity and Modernity” received over 42,000 votes (42,497), most of them from Badia.

Bogtaia mediates between parliamentarian in Zanduf and parliamentarian Karim during his election campaign.

On the other hand, his political rival in the face of the Social Democratic Movement “Tohami al-Maski” came in second, the father of the head of the rural community, Sidi al-Tiji. And he received more than 18,000 votes (18,301), and the lawyer “Rashid Saber”, the head of the Lahti village group (56 km northeast of Safi), came third for the National Assembly of Independents and received more than 16,000 votes. (16706), and he received “Noureddin Ben Riyla from the Social Center Party”, received only 369 votes, and at the bottom of the ranking was the lawyer and human rights activist “Mohamed al-Kabnani”, leader of the Socialist Party. The vanguard party, the representative of the “Federation of the Left”, who received only 301 votes.
The seat of Buktai was added to the previous two seats of the Jarrar party representing the city of Asfi. And that includes Nadia Bzendof, who previously won the women’s regional ticket in the 2021 legislative election, and Muhammad Karim, the MP for several states, the former head of the Asfi group and the region.
Reading the official documents on the results of the partial elections held in the city of Safi, it is clear that Badiya was the main factor in the fight for one seat in parliament after the seat of the Social Democratic Movement was removed from the first list. Chamber in connection with the appeals filed by the representative of the “List of Progress and Socialism”.
Of the more than 78,000 (78,174) votes cast in the region, only 2,144 votes were the worst part of the city, with more than 86,000 men and women (86,512) voting, of which only 2,576 voted. These figures confirm the reluctance of voters in the city, in contrast to the villages that voted, it is densely populated, especially by groups in which there are candidates for parliamentary elections.
It should be noted that other political parties in the region abstained from participation in these partial elections, as they supported one of the competing candidates. Including the Istiklal Party, which leads the Safi municipality and village groups and has one seat in Parliament, the People’s Movement, which leads the village group and has two seats in each of the first and second chambers, the Constitutional Union, which leads the village group and wins a seat in parliament, and the Socialist Union, which leads the two Karytin groups, Justice and Development, which previously led the Asfi group and had three parliamentarians representing the region, failed to win a seat in September last year.
It should be noted that earlier in mid-July, the Constitutional Court ruled to deprive Al-Maska of his deputy mandate, which he won in the legislative elections on September 8, 2021. political parties at the same time as he was elected on behalf of (Al-Ahrar) to the House of Fellahiya of the Marrakesh-Safi region, and was elected on behalf of the second party (Social Democratic Movement) in the legislative elections, which made his candidacy contrary to the organic law on political parties.

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