April 1, 2023
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Hespress – Manal LotfiThursday, March 16, 2023 – 07:25

On Wednesday evening, a young Moroccan artist Zuhair Bahawi appeared before the fans. Through a live recital, which is a charity concert organized by the old Espanyol cinema hall in Tetouan.

Zuhair Bahawi reported that this charity event organized and organized by the Haj Ahmed al-Bahavi Epilepsy Support Society in conjunction with International Women’s Day celebrations was a purely charity event and did not charge a fee. fee for it.

And the owner of Decabotable went on in a video clip, a copy of which is available on Hespress, that concert ticket proceeds would be returned to an association dedicated to epilepsy patients. To help and support this group.

And the son of the city of the “white dove” said that when this idea was suggested to him, he welcomed it. It was also an opportunity to meet his fans in his hometown.

Bahavi is keen to be involved in a group of charity initiatives in the city of Tetouan, as he recently visited the Center for Autistic Children in the city where he grew up to attend the anniversary of its founding, as well as film a video clip. with some children with autism as a tribute to this category Centers for children with disabilities.

In another context, Zuhair Bahavi is still reaping the benefits of the success of his latest music video, titled “Laili Nahari”, which he oversaw the production and writing of, as the work racked up nearly three million views within days of its release.

He is also preparing to release a new video clip called “La Krenta – Love for Life”; It was this work that he began to promote through his official pages on communication sites.

Concert in Tetouan by Zuhair Bahawi

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