April 1, 2023

Beit Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif organized a seminar in Jerusalem to follow up on the results of the second consultation meeting organized by the agency at its headquarters in Rabat last January with representatives of a number of Jerusalem institutions working in the social and economic fields, and finalize preparation of a consolidated report that the agency will adopt in its program of work in Jerusalem 2023.

At the beginning of the seminar, which was organized yesterday, Saturday, Ismail Ramli, Program and Project Coordinator of the Agency in Jerusalem, recalled the content of the royal message sent by King Mohammed VI to the participants of the Jerusalem 2023 conference held in Cairo in February 2023, in which His Majesty affirmed that “the defense of Jerusalem should not be accidental or accidental, but should include effective diplomatic moves and tangible field actions within the boundaries of the Holy City.”

Al-Ramli stressed the importance of involving the people of Jerusalem in decisions about the allocation of funds spent on programs and projects, regardless of the size of these funds, so that donors and beneficiaries are equally confident in the aspects of their spending and evaluate their costs. impact on people and their environment.

He noted that the agency earlier this year approved a $3.4 million package of social assistance projects, which will be carried out in the light of the outcome of the second consultation meeting held last month in Rabat with representatives of participating Jerusalem institutions in the presence of ambassadors, representatives of the Organization Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States, Islamic and Christian religious authorities, scientists, media workers, writers and artists.

For their part, representatives of the institutions highly appreciated the care shown by King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Jerusalem Committee for the Affairs of Jerusalem and its People, through the Beit Mal al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency, and expressed their hope to strengthen this work and continue it to increase the expected results. achieved by the institution since its inception 25 years ago in the social, economic and humanitarian sectors that fall within its competence.

Participants expressed their appreciation for the participatory methodology by which the Agency works, and for the seriousness and commitment of his words, which translate into actions to fill the void left by the financial blockade by Jerusalem and its inhabitants, as well as the refusal of a number of donors to fund projects organizations and associations, as well as the dependence of some on conditions that do not correspond to the specifics of Arab institutions.

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