April 1, 2023

Nabil Benabdallah, general secretary of the Progress and Socialist Party, criticized the delay in the start of the fourth meeting of his party’s Central Youth Council.

He lamented: “Tardiness is a disease that exists in the Party and has spread through the veins of the youth. I would like the meeting to start on time, but we didn’t know how to start on time.”

Praising a report presented by Younes Siraj, his party’s national youth writer, he acknowledged the limited impact of his party’s positions on citizens, calling for the party’s doors to be opened to people who, as he put it, “fly with the birds.”

He explained that the speeches of the leaders of his party and the statements he makes reach only a limited circle of citizens, which widens the gap between them and the political class.

He added during a meeting organized by the youth of his party in Rabat yesterday, Saturday: “Most people remain outside of any party interests, and this does not mean that they are not interested in economic and social conditions, but rather they follow them daily. basis, and what makes them outside the interest of any party is the missing link that political parties are obliged to look for.

He urged the youth of his party to think about appropriate forms that could attract youth to party affiliation, and warned of the need to avoid repeating the activities carried out by the party, otherwise what is the point of having a parallel youth body to him if he does not succeed in his field of work in ways that go keeping pace with the era in which he lives.

He explained that it is not possible to engage youth through political discourse based on long and complex analysis.

He added that what he calls for, even if it is contrary to the school of his party, which relies on the analysis of factors leading to the current situation, but which can be dealt with with the help of appropriate and simple formulas, and not set out in an hourly report or in a forty page document.

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