December 2, 2022

Moroccan content creator Ihsan Benalos was honored with the Sharjah Government Communications Award in the category “Best Social Media Influencer in the Arab World” during the closing ceremony of the Eleventh Session of the International Forum on Government Communications.

Ihsan Benalos said in a statement to Hespress that the Government Communications Award crowns a group of areas, most of which are ministries, government agencies, individual initiatives and youth initiatives at universities Social Humanity and Youth.

The spokeswoman added to Hespress that she did not enter the competition, but was nominated and the winner was hers, expressing her great joy, especially since she did not expect this coronation and this was not part of her goal.

She emphasized that she was very happy and proud of this coronation, noting that the biggest thing that caused her “a feeling of pride and goosebumps was the announcement of my name, accompanied by the Kingdom of Morocco, especially since I was the only crowned Moroccan with an award on level of all fields.

Ihsan Benalos indicated that this coronation will force her to continue the work she is doing and step up her efforts even more, as well as use her time to be involved in several initiatives to encourage young people to engage with her for change.

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