April 1, 2023
Image: AFP

Hesport – Abdullah AlaviMonday, February 27, 2023 – 09:26

Former Morocco national team player Mehdi Benatia offered the Italian management of Juventus the players of the national team and the Turkish clubs Fenerbahce and West Ham, England, Ghanem Roman Sayes and Nayef Akrad.

And the Italian website Bianconero stated that Benatia considers Moroccan footballers to be politicians and Kurds suitable for the “old lady” style of play, as the former Moroccan international stated in an interview with the aforementioned website.

The same source added that the former Atlas Lions defender had confirmed that Sayes and Akrad were preparing an appropriate “profile” for the Italian team.

He noted that Benatia advised the Italian team to follow the Moroccan national team and keep an eye on Sayes and Akd.

It is worth noting that the Juventus team is suffering in the Italian league after deducting 15 points from its balance sheet due to violations in transfer deals.

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