November 30, 2022
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Hespress – Sucaina Al SadeghiTuesday, November 22, 2022 – 08:00

Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, presented a new presentation to educational unions, which included a number of changes regarding the government’s vision to resolve some cases; However, the five most representative unions have expressed reservations about the proposal until the remaining requirements are met and comprehensive solutions for all files are provided.

A source who was present at the meeting confirmed in a statement to Hespress that the unions rejected the proposal because the ministry did not provide sweeping solutions on the contract case and the foreign expulsion case as it still clings to regional employment with a central financial position. and securing participation in domestic and foreign matches and transition movement.

With regard to those expelled from outside the world, the ministry cited financial costs and proposed three formulas for handling the case; The first is to change the current conditions for advancing outside the ladder to reduce the number of those who meet the conditions, and the second is to keep the same conditions in place, but with the number of people promoted each year within a certain ceiling until the normal number is reached over time. years, then the third proposal, through which the Ministry confirmed, starting with the same conditions, but in 2024; However, this proposal will leave many casualties for those who graduated and retirees, the same source added.

On the other hand, the Ministry has proposed to the national education sector to increase the remuneration of distinguished workers, inspectors, administrative and technical assistants, as well as to increase the remuneration of leadership and planning advisers, as well as the remuneration of educational authorities.

With regard to the case of Chamber 10 and the victims of the two regimes, the Ministry has determined their number at 36,000 people, whose cases will be processed and checked by a technical committee.

With regard to incentives, the minister proposed to approve incentives at the level of universities, and not individuals, on the condition that in 2023 500 universities will be determined based on certain criteria and mechanisms, and each professor at the university will receive 10 thousand dirhams. per year, and the number of beneficiary institutions will be increased to 2,400 institutions in 2024.

The ministry is expected to hold another meeting with the unions within the next week after the sector guardian minister consulted with the prime minister.

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