March 28, 2023

While the Casablanca group is still negotiating with professionals and owners of towed vehicles to stop driving on the streets, the Berrechid group has decided to ban trolleybuses from the main streets.

The Bershid Group has taken the decision, as a collective decision, not to allow buggy vehicles to enter the streets of the city, especially at the level of Mohammed V, Hassan II and Moulay Ismail streets.

The Khuraiz capital confirmed in its decision that it will work to install prohibition signs on the aforementioned streets, provided that penalties, including arrests and fines, are applied to violators of the collective decision.

Correspondence was sent to the local authorities of the city, security services and other competent authorities to activate this collective decision.

The head of the Bershid group, Tariq al-Qadri, explained that this step is aimed at stopping the chaos that some streets of the city know and that citizens, drivers and specialists complain about.

The head of the collective council said in a statement to the electronic newspaper Hespress that the move “does not aim to harm the daily livelihoods of the owners of these vehicles, as it aims to regulate traffic and the Golan to the cities, especially in the streets that are the facade and image for the population as a whole.

The same collective official stressed that the council “received many complaints from city residents demanding an end to this chaos in the streets, so it was free to intervene within the powers given to the council to do so, stressing that “the council is ready to act in favor of the owners of these buggy cars in front of various interests to organize them and provide them with good conditions.”

This collective decision was noted by citizens and car users on the grounds that these vehicles interfere with traffic and the Golan Heights and damage the image of the city.

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