April 1, 2023

The general secretariat of the Justice and Development Party stated: “Random appeals, alien to the beliefs of the Moroccan Muslim community, related to the assertion of equality in inheritance represent a dangerous step that destabilizes the Moroccan family system and strikes at one of the pillars of social and family peace and puts it on the path uncertainty.”

And the general secretariat of the party stated that at its weekly meeting it had dwelt on “a serious development in connection with some of the appeals that have lately come to our attention regarding the Family Code, some of which have dared to explicitly call for equality in inheritance.” against the clear text of the Qur’an governing succession and against the requirements of the kingdom’s constitution”, also referring to what he considered a “blatant challenge” to the clear and consistent framework set by the king in the context of his family talk. Code.

The General Secretariat denounced what it considered “occasional calls for equality in inheritance in unprecedented audacity and blatant defiance of the explicit Qur’anic verses on inheritance, which are well known to be the final verses of final proof and final meaning, and confirm that the tolerance of Islam is by no means does not allow to go beyond these verses or observe ijtihad in the matters decided” with the peremptory texts of the Qur’an, and considers this a departure from the national consensus and unifying constants of the Moroccan nation, as defined by the Moroccan Constitution, which states that the Kingdom of Morocco is an Islamic state and that Islam is the religion of the state.

In a statement, the party emphasized that “such dissenting calls have nothing to do with the beliefs and expectations of Moroccan society, tied to its religion and its unifying national constants, enshrined in the constitution and the Principality of the Faithful, and that they are nothing but a desperate step and the realization external programs, a flagrant challenge to the independence of the national decision and a flagrant violation of national sovereignty in order to impose someone else’s model. , as well as the imposition of an individual materialistic and permissive logic that does not take into account a family based on legal marriage, ”the statement says.

The party warned of “the great danger of such calls, whether their owners know it or not, not only for the Moroccan family, but for the entire Moroccan state and nation”, emphasizing that “such calls, in addition to creating discord and leading to undermine family cohesion and stability. foundations for the emergence, continuity, unity and stability of the Moroccan state, based on the tolerant Islamic religion and the oath of allegiance to the ruler and the leadership of the believers, which are two foundations associated with the Qur’anic text and Islamic law.”

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