April 1, 2023
Samsung announced on Wednesday new updates to its assistant (Bixby) that improve the user experience, performance and smart assistant capabilities in their mobile experience.

And Samsung has provided UI (One UI 5) One UI 5 text call feature via Bixby Text Call, but the original version of this feature was limited to Korean only. And the feature now supports English on the company’s phones running One UI 5.1.

Notably, the text call feature converts your voice calls into text chats, which you can read and answer with text chats, which the smart assistant converts into a voice call using a text-to-speech system. In this it is similar to Google’s Screen Call feature.

This feature is useful in environments where you cannot answer calls with your voice, especially if the environment is noisy, where you cannot hear calls or speech clearly, or if it is quiet and you do not want to disturb others.

In this feature, the Bixby smart assistant can learn to imitate your voice by recording a few sentences with your voice, and then the system, thanks to artificial intelligence technology, imitates the voice. However, Bixby Custom Voice Creator now only supports Korean.

Samsung also revealed in its post that users can now call the Bixby smart assistant using a custom word. Previously, calling phrases were limited to Hi, Bixby, or Bixby only. However, after the new update, it will be possible to call the smart assistant with any word or phrase chosen by the user.

In addition, with new updates, Bixby has become smarter in understanding the context in different applications, for example, you can ask it to start a workout through the Samsung Health app, and then ask it to play the audio file for this workout so that artificial intelligence works to select the appropriate files for that sport. workout you started.

Given that much of today’s AI runs in the cloud, which raises privacy concerns, Samsung has said that Bixby can run some common commands completely offline.

This includes setting a timer, taking a screenshot, and turning on the flashlight. AI-based voice dictation is also available offline and currently supports the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Korean.

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