June 4, 2023

Abdallah Buano, head of the Parliamentary Group for Justice and Development in the House of Representatives, refuted what government spokesman Mustafa Paytas said in a weekly press conference yesterday Friday was arbitrary because he was not allowed to speak in session on Monday , in the House of Representatives.

He said that after the closing of the meeting, last Monday, a meeting was held with the President of the Council and data were presented that Paytas did not know about.

He explained the reason for the incident by the presence of “a problem in communication between the leadership of the council and the management of relations with the parliament and other ministries, which Paytas admitted at the time, but he decided to run ahead in the press conference.”

Boano, in a statement published on the Al-Bijidi website on Saturday, said: “It was enough for Paytas to tell part of the truth and convey part of what happened between the heads of divisions and the parliamentary group with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who belongs to his party.”

He emphasized that the constitution and rules of the House of Representatives do not provide for the government to speak outside the question and answer on it and the symposium of presidents, with the exception of some large, emerging and important matters for the country, in which the way is open to the government.

Boano said he told parliamentarians three days before the meeting on Monday in the presence of the interior minister, so that on the day of the meeting at 12:00 he could not attend due to his connection with royal activities. open a new bus station in Rabat.

The Speaker of Parliament intervened to solve the problem, but we were not informed about the new programming”, noting that Paytas was the one who initiated the “attack and he does not know these data and their details.”

Paytas said yesterday, Friday: “The claim that the government is interfering with programming is false, describing its prevention of the use of the word as ‘arbitrary’ because Parliament is a space for debate and discussion, pushing and highlighting points of view. , emphasizing that the government has no guardianship over the work of parliament.

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