March 25, 2023
Image: social networking sites

Hespress from RabatSunday October 2, 2022 – 10:15 am

Boulevard’s association for arts and cultural education, EAC-L’BOULVART, confirmed that it is “taking very seriously reports circulating on social media regarding the recording of rape incidents during the festival on Friday 30 September.”

The association said in a statement that “legal steps applicable to such events are currently being taken with a view to opening a judicial investigation into the matter.”

She added: “Our team has been working hard over the past hours to get accurate information on what has been published, in direct contact with the competent authorities and users of the pioneers of social media sites who have published the conversations and alerted the public. opinion.”

The same statement also said that “the Boulevard team expresses its strong condemnation of all forms of violence, gender discrimination and harassment of all kinds.”

Boulevard Harassment Violent

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