March 28, 2023

The National Human Rights Council has announced the formation of a “working group on a proposal to revise the Family Code”, which will hold a pluralistic discussion and discussion between different national competencies in the context of preparing a memorandum that crystallizes a comprehensive vision for reform. Family Code and neutralize the legal gaps in it.

The council’s communiqué states that it seeks, through the creation of this group, which is within its rights-based strategy, to raise issues related to the requirements of the Family Code, adopting an approach to family matters and the rights of women and children, and to submit proposals, improving the effectiveness of rights at the level of the Family Code and related laws, including those guaranteeing equality and non-discrimination.

The same source added that the methodology of the group’s work is based on a collaborative approach based on the exchange of views and enriching analysis and discussion of the provisions of the Code and how they are aligned with international conventions and constitutional requirements that support gender equality.

In this context, the President of the National Council for Human Rights, Amna Buayach, said: “Our work is to promote the rights of women and girls. Since 2019, we have organized a national campaign to abolish the legal requirement. We have presented our opinion on the law, criminal procedure and civil procedure regarding the rights women and girls, and we presented the elements of the Problem related to the Family Code during the meeting of the General Assembly last October.

And she continued: “We have adopted criteria in the selection of members of this group, including interdisciplinary, field work, competence and commitment… by which the board seeks to submit proposals for amendments that guarantee respect for human dignity and allow it to choose the most appropriate choice for its life and ensure the best interests of the child.”

The report stated that the “working group on the proposal to revise the Family Code”, which is coordinated by Malika Ben Radi, member of the National Council for Human Rights, consists of Salma Toad, head of the regional human rights committee for the Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima region and Zahira Fontere, Member of the National Council for Human Rights, Nuja Jasous, Member of the National Council for Human Rights, and Zohoor Al-Khor, Coordinator of the National Mechanism for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities.

The group also includes Latifa Al-Jbabdi, Member of the Executive Office of the Women’s Action Alliance, Jamila Karmuma, Vice President of the Women’s Rights Federation, Amina Lotfi, President of the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women; Atifa Temjerddin, Vice President of the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women, Hassan Rahu, University Professor; and Mohamed El-Sassi, a university professor.

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