February 1, 2023
The people responsible for the Instagram application have announced that the application has received a new feature that will be useful to many users.According to available information, a new feature called “Quiet Mode” has become available to Instagram users. , help them relax or focus on their work.

And when Quiet Mode is activated, the user will no longer receive notifications, and the status of his profile will change to a mode showing that he is in “rest mode”, and Instagram will send messages to people who correspond with him, informing them. that the user is in “rest mode”.

The user can activate a suitable time with a new function to take a break from notifications, and after this time, Instagram will send him a message containing a summary of the notifications that he received at that time.

Experts believe that the new feature will be useful for people suffering from a large number of notifications received through Instagram, as well as help people focus on work or school, devoting themselves to study.

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