December 1, 2022

Foreign Minister Nasser Burita urged his Libyan counterpart Naglaa El-Mangoush today, Tuesday, “to coordinate on issues of concern to the two countries in the Arab League, the African Union and the Mediterranean Union, since the two countries have the same views.”

This happened at a press conference between the two ministers following bilateral talks that brought them together on the sidelines of the United Nations Conference for an Alliance of Civilizations in Fez.

Burita added: “The position of the Kingdom of Morocco regarding the developments in Libya is well known, based on the special interest that the king gives to stability in this brotherly country.” And “Morocco is following all the developments in the Libyan arena, which are generally encouraging given that we have moved away from what is violence and military solutions to solutions based on dialogue, respect for institutions and working for the benefit of the Libyan people.”

Burita stressed that Morocco “will always support Libya and its institutions in the United Nations efforts to reach solutions that will end all discussions about legitimacy, because the Maghreb needs Libya, and the Mediterranean and Africa also need Libya.”

Naglaa Al-Mangush said: “We talked about the bilateral relationship between Libya and Morocco, which is a long historical relationship, and the Kingdom of Morocco is a country close to our hearts and has played a positive role in supporting the stabilization process in Libya. , as well as supporting the efforts of the Government of National Unity to move towards free and fair elections accepted by the Libyan people.”

The Libyan official added: “The stability of Libya is part of the stability of the region, and we will not achieve stability without the support of the efforts of our brothers on the African continent, as well as in Europe and the Mediterranean Union.”

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