December 1, 2022

The Democratic Confederation of Labor called on its fighters and all male and female citizens tomorrow, Sunday, to protest against the continuation of the wave of outrageous prices, the rising prices of basic materials and fuel, the decline in purchasing power and the worsening social conditions of the working class, all employees and all women citizens.

The CDT union is also protesting restrictions on the exercise of union rights and freedoms by taking what it called “retaliatory measures” and the expulsion of officials from union offices, as well as the deliberate delay in issuing receipts for filing legal files after the renewal or establishment of the union. offices.

The syndicate, in connection with going out in protest, accuses the government of Ahannouch of abandoning its obligations to download the social pact and activate the agreement of April 30, 2022, especially in the aspect related to the increase in income through a general increase in wages, revision of income tax sections and approving a new degree of promotion.

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