March 25, 2023

The meeting of the Fez Community Council, which took place today, Tuesday, witnessed great tension between the majority and the opposition, as well as protests from users of the former Independent City Transport Agency.

And the collective counselor in connection with Al Youm 24 reported that the session saw chaos at the session leadership level, especially after the arrival of users of the former Independent Urban Transport Agency, who said that they were fired from work, with the intention of protesting in the meeting room, which caused chaos, and suspend the meeting.

Regarding the agenda for the October regular session, the same source said that the president of the assembly has reset the group’s budget for running costs such as food, lodging, and transportation within and outside the country, in addition to flooding the group with random agents. from the majority party.

In this context, the head of the Justice and Development Group, Mohamed Hi, reported that the president finished off the amounts aimed at improving administrative work by loading the organizational structure, and the team also recorded a complete absence in the budget of the group of problems related to proximity services, such as lighting, hygiene , green spaces and roads.

For his part, Hamid Shabat, a former councilor and mayor of the city of Fes, accused the head of the commune of Fes of displacing the workers of an independent agency and of his failure to find a permanent solution to the city’s transport problem, which led the majority parties to blame him, in turn, in creating an exile crisis since 2012, which escalated the confrontation before Mayor Abdel Salam al-Bakali went down and approached a number of protesters to reassure them about finding a solution to their demand file.

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