March 25, 2023
Today, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia launched the GameFounders initiative, which aims to motivate programmers, designers, marketers and artists to innovate and lead the world of electronic games, presenting successful experience in this field, in addition to qualifications and developing competencies in the electronic games industry. .

The initiative, which was launched in partnership with game studio acceleration company GameFounders, aims to select 100 applicants from the sons and daughters of the country, working on various fronts to encourage entrepreneurs in the e-gaming industry, educate subscribers. about the importance of this area and the creation of game studios A woman from Saudi Arabia makes local toys that are exported all over the world.

The initiative includes four different tracks, including the Game Development Track, Game Design Track, and Game Art & Marketing Track, as well as many benefits. in front of a real audience, instead of a Monthly bonus of 3,000 rials during the first months of training, and start-ups at the acceleration stage will receive financial grants in the amount of more than 1.5 million rials.

The Ministry urged those who wish to join those targeted by the initiative to register at the link:

It should be noted that the Ministry, in cooperation with its partners in this field, is working to ensure that the Kingdom can take advantage of the promising economic and cultural opportunities offered by the electronic games industry. It also strives through its various initiatives and programs to provide developers, innovators and e-gaming enthusiasts with the necessary skills in light of the constant acceleration it is witnessing. This industry is evolving day by day, which supports the efforts to make the Kingdom the main and a global direction for esports. , in light of the presence of a digital infrastructure capable of enabling it to achieve leadership in this area.

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